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Presenting to Millennials

Millennials, almost like celebrities, are analyzed on a daily basis. Various experts, scientists, professors and research centers have made an attempt to do the cross section of this generation. You can read all about them in corporate reports, blogs...

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How to Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is almost like a rite of passage for entrepreneurs. Viewpoints regarding the importance of a business plan from one extreme to another. Some people believe you should live and breathe by it; other believe the...

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Deadly Sins of Bad PowerPoint Presentations

Normally, people do anything to avoid listening to a presentation. Yet, people are viewing TED talks online 1.5 million times a day, according to Carmine Gallo, the author of Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the...

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How to Make Data Compelling in Your Presentation

Data is a buzzword in today’s business environment. From big data and data mining to data analytics and everything in between, data now reigns in an era based on technology sourcing information from each and every angle. The benefits...

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Handling Questions & Answers in Your Presentation

You’ve mastered your presentation. You know what to say. You feel confident that your slides hit all the major points. Yet, the one thing you can’t seem to stop worrying about is the potential questions the audience may ask....

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Integrating Social Media into your Presentation

From your talking points to the layout and design of your slide deck, your presentation is polished and rehearsed. You feel confident about your subject matter and are prepared to deliver your presentation to the audience. Now, how do...

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What You Can Learn From 3 TED Talks

Have you ever seen a TED Talk? TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a series of global conferences that features remarkable individuals talking about the subjects they know best. With the slogan, “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TED believes...

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How to Reduce Presentation Anxiety

The date is circled in red on your calendar and marked in your iPhone’s calendar, too. It’s a date that looms in your head, even though it’s still a week or two away. And unlike birthdays, anniversaries, or other...

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