Step by step

Step 1: Template selection

First, you select a template that matches your style and meets your needs.

Step 2: Scenario

Each template includes particular scenes that present the app in a specific way. We prepare a scenario for you based on your input, where we specify:
– which scenes will be used in which order
– what screenshots and text will go with each scene
– the specific colors we will use
– the music

Step 3: Video production

Within two days of finishing the script, you will receive the video for review. It will be prepared exactly according to the script; but, if you find anything that needs correction or improvement, you can prepare a list of changes that you would like us to make. Within one day after you send us the list of changes, you will receive the final video.

Step 4: Final touches

We would like you to have the perfect video for your specific app. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us; so, if you still would like to make more changes at the end of the process we would be glad to make them for you.


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